• Compound fertilizer calculation Misch7 (Mix7)
  • Fertilizer warehouse management
  • Big-bag warehouse management

Compound fertilizer processing software (Misch7)

Recipe calculation: The program calculates the cheapest recipe from the components in the warehouse on a reference basis kg/ha or kg/100 kg goods. Various restrictions can be specified.

Declaration: The new declaration routines allow the declaration of both the components and the finished compound fertilizer; with trace nutrients and also organic fertilizers.

Load data assignment: With the order data, load data such as size, distance to the farm and type of fruit are also managed. This allows the allocation of the crop data to the orders and thus a sophisticated reporting system.

Nutrient requirement analysis: A fertilization proposal according to the recommendations of agricultural chambers and offices serves to advise the farmer. Nutrients in crop residues and fertilizers are taken into account.

Material control: With the Fertiserve processing system, you always know precisely the material stock in the warehouse. Repeat orders and dispositions are no problem.

Forms: Mixed orders, quotations, delivery notes, consignment notes – a large number of forms enables secure and transparent processing.

Connection to the blending plant: All created orders can be retrieved from the fertilizer blending plant.

Multi-user access: Several users can access the same database at the same time.

Interface to merchandise management: The program supports numerous merchandise management systems.

Windows: The software is runnable on Windows operating systems.

Fertiserve Warehouse Management (LV)

The Fertiserve LV is an additional module for Misch7, which can be used optionally and in particular for fertilizer storage as an addition/replacement for a merchandise management system. It adds the following functions to Misch7:

  • order overview
  • overview of current box stocks
  • history of box load and calculation of future load
  • control of blending plant and warehouse technology
  • possible connection to the truck scale for automatic creation of delivery notes.


Fertiserve Big Bag Bearing (BBL)

The Fertiserve BBL is an additional module for Misch7, which has been developed to provide an overview of the big bag stocks and their commissioning. It offers, among other things, the following functions:

  • overview of big bag stocks and requirements
  • overview of all big bag orders
  • commissioning of big bags
  • delivery note with declaration for big bags with individual mixtures and standard fertilizers
  • possible connection to the truck scale for automatic creation of delivery notes.