Fertilizer screens


Fertilizer screens (sieves) are used to remove lumps and caking from the goods to ensure that the fertilizer can be discharged easily with the fertilizer spreader. The screen is usually continuously fed with material as part of the fertilizer conveying path. The lumps are screened while the good product flows through the screen.


  • Finger screen in the screening frame for easy replacing
  • Stainless steel design
  • Acid resistent, customized 2K varnish
  • Performances of up to approx. 150 t/h
  • Strong, adjustable vibration engine
  • Fixation in solid steel springs


  • Bar-screen design
  • Dosing funnel with coarse grid in order to provide the screen continuously with material
  • Crumbler for chunking sifted out crumbles and re-supplying them to the transported material
  • Docking station for stackers