Bagging plants

for small bags


The user enters the number and weight of the bagging units into the scale. After the unit has been prepared in the discharge area, the user triggers automatic filling.


  • Freely selectable weight range (artificial fertilizer material = 10-50 kg)
  • Performance: 2-3 bags per minute
  • Storage volume: approx. 1.3 m³
  • For container types such as open-mouth bags, buckets
  • Stacker mounting for easy removal
  • Product-contacting parts in stainless steel design
  • Calibratable
  • Automatic material adjustment
  • Systec IT6000E weighing and data terminal


  • Valve bag spout or general adjustment to the bagging unit
  • Pneumatic sack clamp
  • Pneumatic vibration piston for materials that are not free-flowing
  • Extended roller conveyor
  • Dust-extraction device
  • Sewing machine or welding device for open-mouth bags
  • Label printer with printout of order details
  • Declarations and customer data for order details with connection to Misch 7

Easy and flexible handling

New is a compact and easy to use gross-valve bagging system for small containers. The dosage is very accurate, and insensitive to clumping and caking in the fertilizer. The container size can be easily adjusted via the menu guidance of the weighing and data terminal. The dosing capacity can also be adjusted in just a few steps and adapted to requirements during operation. Valve sacks, open sacks and containers can be filled. The system can be installed under a silo, a container or on the ceiling.

Bagging in valve bags, easy transport with stacker